Southern Nevada Darts Association
Las Vegas, Nevada
This page was last updated on: 10/24/2015
For those of you wanting to know about the game of darts, check out Crow's Dart Page.
Lots of fun stuff there, as well as all the basics. Good instructions on how to play all the games we use in our leagues, as well as a few "different" games. Also some fun things for those of us who have been playing for awhile.
President - Pat Carrigan
Statistician and Web Master-Cheryl Daughtrey
Local Blind Draws:
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Rum Runner DI 
3050 E Desert Inn Road
Everty Friday Night
Sign-ups 7:30PM
Start Time 8PM sharp!
Blind Draw
$5 Entry fee
Rum Runner DI

CD'S Lounge 
3025 East Desert Inn Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Every Saturday Night 
Sign-ups 7:30pm
Start time 8PM
Blind Draw Doubles
Double Elimination
Entry fee $5.
Mystery out $1.
Chicago format (Cricket,
301, 501)
For Info. contact:
Rose Carrigan 702 454-2845

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This is the official web site of the SNDA.  The steel tip darts
association in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome to all of you interested in shooting in leagues. And all of our current players! This will be the place to get all the up to date information you need! Follow the links to the left to find what you are looking for.

Looking for team standings?
Go to League info page.....or choose your league from the menu
on the left. Any suggestions? Email me at:

Just let us know what you need, everything from finding a sponsor
bar, to figuring out the formats. Or, if you a bar interested in getting dart players into your bar, send an e-mail to:

July 20, 2015

To all SNDA current, past and future players,
Hopefully this message finds you all in good health and happiness.
Every now and again I feel the need to write a letter to all of you letting you know what is happening with the SNDA and world of darts. Well I felt the need.

Status of the SNDA
We are hurting for players. Past players that might want to come back, think about coming back. Current players, thank you for still being here and playing. Future players, don’t know how you get this but if you hear from current or past players that this is fun, join, we need you. The last 2 seasons have only had 7 Masters teams competing, no Chicago League, and for the last 4 years or so no A-League. We cannot continue to survive with just that. ADO fees, statistician fees, bank fees, Post Office box fees are quickly eating up our funds. If you can think of ways to bring more darters to the leagues, please let me know.
Brutal reality – 2 more seasons with just Masters and we will have no funds left to continue. I’m just being honest.

Status of darts
Electronic darts is growing. No score keeping, handicap systems, matches through the internet. Lots of locations in the Las Vegas valley. Blind draws or leagues everyday of the week. Lots of darts.

Blind Draws
We still have the steel-tip blind draws. Friday is at the Rum Runner-DI and run by Isaac. Signups 7:30, 8:00-ish start. Saturdays are at CD’s Sports Lounge and run by Rose. Signups are at 7:30, 8:00 start.  There is also a Monday single’s blind draw at Sporting Life Bar, run by Kurt Hackman. They are every other Monday, use July 27 as reference date and start @ 8:30 pm.

And speaking of CD’s
They have new owners and they have spent lots of $$ repainting, reflooring and brightening up the place. New beer menu and more TV’s with sports as well. If you haven’t been there in a while you might want to stop in, I think you will love it.

I’m always open to suggestions, ideas, etc. We exist because you want a place to play, help us with that.  Sign-ups now being taken for Fall League until Aug. 23
Sign up at

Good darts,


Pat Carrigan
President, SNDA

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Constitution and Bylaws added 12/26/2003.
Captains' Guide updated 2009
Rules for league play updated  2009

Stats usually updated by Sunday evening.